There's some amazing people out there. Here are a few that make me happy: 


Walking Point

My amazing, brilliant, eloquent husband. While I'm over here jabbering about alliums and cats, he's discussing the impact of being a war veteran, politics, Midwest interests, and everything in between. He's too moving not to read.  


Riah in Tanzania

Riah and Bill are doing amazing work in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. People like them change the world.  


Each Little World

LInda B. is an amazing gardener and fiber artist here in Madison.  


...And Her Glow Has Warmed The World

Emily is a warm, intelligent Minnesota gal writing about her life adventures and what's important to her.  


Gardening Links:

Peony List, courtesy of The Plant Expert. I hope this site continues to expand.

r/whatsthisplant. Reddit's reputation is overblown; there are some lovely little corners like r/whatsthisplant, where people post photos of plants they'd like identified. I've always had my photos identified, and I've learned a lot in the process.

WI DNR Invasive Species gallery - The DNR is a wonderful resource, as is your local extension office! They're there to answer questions and give you help!

National Gardening Association database - search by characteristic. Have a fuzzy-leaved, magenta-flowered, hip-high plant in your yard? Turns out it's rose campion.