Pretty Babies

The weather's getting colder and colder. Here in Wisconsin, fall fell with a thud, and we're eyeing the sky suspiciously, waiting for the first flakes to fall. That's right. I said flakes, as in snow. In October. That's just how we roll in Wisconsin. I personally hate winter, a fact which I remind Husband of every time I want him to feel grateful I followed him up here. On a balmy February morning, you will find me commuting to work in anything that will retain body heat, tossing dignity and fashion merrily by the wayside until I can stagger into work, strip down in a bathroom, and emerge with feathers smoothed into some semblance of order. Tip for those of you who wear a scarf across the face: don't bother with mascara until you reach your destination. The condensation from your breath will either streak it down your face like you just watched the end of Ghost, or clump your lashes together in spikes reminiscent of a dog collar. Just carry it in your purse and spare yourself the frustration.

When it's miserable out, I find myself craving color for my body. I pull out the red wool coat, the aqua pashmina, the sparkly teal cardigan, the various shades of bright lipstick. And I troll the interwebs, looking for shoes. To wit:

Stuart Weitzman

Kate Spade

Poetic Licence


Elie Tahari

I love me colorful shoes, especially when so many winter work clothes are neutral, neutral, neutral. Picture a charcoal shift dress, black tights (if you can wear them).....

Why, look! Just such an outfit! Thank you, Banana Republic, o favorite of all mall brands. Now swap out any of those pretty shoes above. Voila! Instant cheer, especially in the dead of winter. Just don't wear them out int he snow and salt, especially if you're lucky enough to have the cash to drop on Weitzmans.

(all shoes pictures courtesy of Zappos; outfit pic courtesy of Banana Republic.)