Sundays are made for cleaning - day of rest, my ass. It's the day that I finally feel rested enough from the work week to drag my lazy keister off the couch. Of course there are some chores that are more fun than others. Dusting? Easy. Vaccuming? Fun, even. Laundry? Shoot me now.

It's not so much the actual washing and drying that I hate - it's the ironing and hanging up. Isn't there some magical fairy that can do it for me?

I've discovered something that helps, though- it's called ten year old port wine, and lightly sipped, it makes everything somehow easier. I can't believe how productive I've been today. *hic*


Almond Vanilla Rice Pudding from The Smitten Kitchen. Please to put in my mouth and in my belly.

An article that made me nod in agreement: Why Hipsters are the End of Civilization.

I don't know what this is, but it's awesome.