Happy Halloween!

I'm answering the door tonight dressed in vintage repro. Honestly, if i could wear stuff like this every day, I totally would. I think women today discount the comfort, ease, and flattery of dresses. One of my goals this winter is to make a couple of these in unobtrusive, muted fabrics and see if I can get away with them as everyday wear. I don't have a particularly modern face, so I might be able to.



Please to ignore the mess that is our storage room/my closet. This is what you have to do when you rent.

If you're looking for comfortable repro, I can't recommend Stop Staring enough. The crinoline especially is not at all scratchy like you'd expect, but very soft and makes a lovely swishy sound.

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

(What is it about taking pictures that automatically adds about three chins and 50 pounds? I look better than this, I swear.)