October revisited, November set

I do this over at my old blog, but I think it's good to put over here too. Every month, I set myself some goals to focus on.

October Goals

1. Spend some time with my mom. Mom and I went shopping last weekend and spend some very nice time together. It's taken a lot to get her to let go of some control and trust me as an adult. She says when I tell her about an issue, her first instinct is to step in and make it better, because that's what you always do for your child; when I'm telling her about an issue, I really just want a friend to confide in. It's been hard to find a balance between those two extremes but we're getting there. But last weekend she got to scratch that itch for now by buying me work clothes.

2. Bake something that doesn't turn out crappy. - Fail. I had a crisis of confidence in the kitchen this month (let me tell you how patient Husband is with my breakdowns) and I'm just barely slowly getting back into cooking. Baking is last on my list of priorities.

3. Add another $10 to my tooth fund. - I added $20! And I'll add another $20 after the 6th when I get paid.

4. Dig out whatever Halloween stuff I've got and decorate! - Didn't happen. Oh well. Next year.

5. Dig out the slow cooker and do at least two recipes this month. - We did a couple of roasts and I made applesauce*.

6. See a dermatologist. - Fail. I'm out of flex money for the year. But I've got to have a spot looked at, so I may go anyway and hope I can take the fees off my taxes.

7. Continue on my quest to reduce my soda consumption. Getting better. I still cave more often than not for lunch but the home consumption is almost nil. Do I crave it constantly? Of course. That's what you do when you're addicted.

8. Read The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food. - I'm in the middle of The Omnivore's Dilemma. I'm sloooow to get through a non-fiction book, and I really want to take the time to let this one sink in. I would highly recommend it, by the way. it won't make you a vegetarian but it will make you think about where you food comes from.

9. Finish at least one panel of the bag I'm working on. - Fail, speaking of crises of confidence....

10. Relax! Our first anniversary is Sunday, we've passed the summer traveling season, the weather is cold but not impassable. October is my favorite month. We had a fantastic anniversary, complete with an indescribably delicious meal at L'Etoile. I have relaxed some, but I have a hard time not feeling guilty for being lazy when I sit around.

November Goals

1. Get all Christmas shopping done. This will be hard, but I really feel like I need to make this a priority this month. It will make me less streseed and make me a better partner for Husband over the holidays.

2. Drop 5 pounds. This should be doable, right? The catch comes that the added pounds are from prednisone, which will throw everything you know about losing weight out the window. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing it.

3. Organize sewing supplies. Just because it looks like ass right now, piled everywhere.

4. Use our reusable bags every time we go to the grocery store. We own a bunch of reusable bags but we never remember to take them to the store!

5. Organize files on computer. There's a lot of files on my computer that I don't need - old school papers, pictures from my makeup and hair trial, half-downloaded songs. There's also photos all over the place, mislabeled macros and spreadsheets, old games I don't use. I spend most of my day at computers, might as well make them easy to use.

6. Finish The Omnivore's Dilemma.

7. See a dermatologist. This may not happen this month since I have a dentist appt tomorrow that'll be coming out of my pocket.

I have discovered that with each month that I do this, the easier I've been on myself, i.e. I don't feel like I need to have 394873453 impossible goals.

* Slow cooker applesauce is the easiest ever: Peel and core appples. Chop into large chunks. Cook on low for eight hours. Mash with potato masher. Done and Done!