I have a girl crush

I've been reading a new (to me) blog in the past couple of days: Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. From top to bottom, this girl is fantastic - a few months ago, she bought herself a 1952 copy of Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing and is working her way through it, project by project. I've been reading her archives, month by month. Go over and take a look - I'll wait.

(hums the theme from Love Story)

You're back! Isn't she darling? Love her tats. She's doing what I wish I could do - fully fashioned, wearable, presentable clothes from start to finish. I'm learning - or trying to - but it's a long, slow, frustrating, expensive process. For example, I made a bag this week. Cute little handbag in a graphic print that I thought I would give to my Secret Santa recipent. But when it was all finished, and I stepped back to take a look, I realized just how badly I did. There are so many issues with the way seams (don't) line up and the edges (don't) lay flat and the ornaments (aren't) centered and polished. It just looks... amateur. I guess I will count it as my muslin (seamstress lingo for "practice run"), get some more fabric, and try again. I have to keep telling myself I'll do better the next time, and hope it's true. Because the fact is that I might have finally discovered something I take joy in doing and could potentially be good at.

P.S. No, no pictures of the bag. It's that bad.