Put your money to good use.

I want to share with you an email I got at work the other day. We get a lot of these - webinars and teleconferences you can join in on for a fee and earn some Continuing Professional Education hours. Well, here's the summary of this particular class (emphasis mine): Summary:

One, among many, blessings of wealth is its utilization to modify behavior.  Modification would include correcting disruptive behavior and causing changes which result in a more serious, balanced, conscientious, and reasonable person.  It may involve influencing career choices to more sensitive alternatives.  It may encourage association with people who are able to reinforce the best, not the worst.  It may even be able to constructively address the introduction of spiritual and moral values.

  • Useful techniques which have worked for wealthy families, to change behavior from irrational to more rational conduct.
  • Utilizing methods to encourage study in college, graduate school, professional school or rudimentary vocational education.
  • Pragmatic experiences garnered by others who have used behavioral technique modifications over prolonged periods of time.
  • Professional points of view on wealth as a behavioral modification option.
  • Types of beneficiaries responding to this approach and types which do not.

In so many words: WHUT. Yes, use your money to control the behavior and life/career/etc choices of your family!The sad part is, this is a popular topic amongst our clients; you would not believe what aging, wealthy parents consider "undesirable behavior" - everything from career choice to spouse choice to yes, sexual orientation (like a child could change who they fall in love with of what career makes them happy). And they dangle their money in front of their kids and threaten to take it away if the child doesn't conform to their code of conduct.

So, there's that. Everyone thank your parents for teaching you right from wrong without threatening to cut you off from the spigot.