My computer died last night. i went to turn it on and it bwooped up for about a second and a half.... and then nothin'. W, computer expert extraordinaire, declared time of death and pulled my hard drive so we could save my data. I have to say it's a mite irritating, since I have a bunch of media, documents, and random stuff saved on there. MY CELEBRITY PICTURES ARE IMPORTANT OK. Plus, I have a spreadsheet with all my logins and passwords, because no, I don't remember them all. I had to try several times to get into Facebook  and Wordpress on this computer (this computer being an old Dell laptop that W "liberated" from the military when he left their employ).

I can't honestly say I'm complaining too much - my computer was a desktop, five-ish years old, and a friend built it for me and only charged me $400 for it. It's been a good computer for all that time.

The plan was, when my comp died, to upgrade W to a MacBook Pro and I'd inherit his current MacBook. And before I hear complaints about how unfair that is, I will remind my readers that he's the student/future doctoral student/ almost TA. I use the computer to find photos like this:

It's very fair, and it was my suggestion. So there's that.

So we may have to go shopping this weekend. Can't say I'm looking forward to spending two grand right now, especially when we've already paid for our summer vacation next month, but what are you going to do?