June Goals

... now that June is halfway over. Oops.Well, we spent the first half of June getting my computer in order and spending waaaay too much money on a new one, plus we traveled this weekend (I am le tired this morning).  We're actually going to be traveling this weekend too, and either moving or traveling the weekend after that, so I'm not optimistic about doing anything other than holding down the fort at home. June goals:

1. Finish dress lining and blog about it. - I'm so close - I've got the front seams basted and everything! I'm just easily distracted. 2. Get at least half the house packed for moving.  - Yeah... we'll see how well this one works out. I guess I don't have a choice. 3. Actually create a playlist or two.  - My iPod, of course, felt like it had to wipe itself out and rebuild itself when I moved my iTunes from one computer to the other. So I lost all my playlists, my ratings, my play counts, and all my podcasts reverted to new. Irritating. 4. Make fasolakia for the first time.  - This is actually done! It's a navy bean, onion, and dill dish, and it's delicious. I will post the recipe. 5. Finish A Change is Gonna Come - I'm getting close! I'm getting a crash course on Bob Marley currently. 6. Dispose of half of my toiletries. - I have so much crap sitting around that I don't need. It's a constant issue. I plan on doing this in front of SYTYCD this week, since Husband will be traveling to Back to the Fifties with his father. 7. Apply for another year of Humira. - I get mine through a patient assistance program at the company that makes it, since there's no way we can afford it on our own. So I have to apply every year.

That's plenty, and I doubt any of it's getting done.