This week

Listening to....  mento. No, I didn't know what mento was either, until this morning. it's a form of Jamaican music, more folk (and less religious) than reggae, and more accoustic. It's a ton of fun to listen to! If you're like me and didn't know there was more than reggae to Jamaican music, try calypso, rock steady, lover's rock, or ska.

Learning... This Greek lullaby. I've been singing the chorus to Baby Girl for a while now, but learning the verse phonetically is taking a bit. For the millionth time I regret letting the other girls at Greek School bully me into quitting. 

Planning... Mr. PW and I are starting to talk seriously about either moving or building an addition onto our house for long-term living. It was (mostly) fine when it was just the two of us but there's not a single usable closet and sharing one single bathroom with the kid(s) just is not happening in the mornings when everyone has to be out the door. If we were going to move, we'd be able to afford almost nothing right now (Madison's housing market is insane) so I'm thinking about pushing out the wall of the back bedroom to create a master suite with a walk-in closet and our own bathroom. Then, in the L created by that room and the back wall of the kitchen etc, we'd get rid of the tiny crappy deck and put in a big patio. Then I feel like maybe we could spend many years there. But that'll take a home loan, which means we need to get our financial house in order, which means we are....

Budgeting... to pay off our credit card debt in two years. The first step to a home loan is not having any crushing debt, you know? So we've decided to get even more aggressive. We were doing very well until Baby Girl and all of her attendant Stuff arrived, and it spiked a little. I've set up a payoff plan in Mint to address it. The plan in there is great - it gives me a schedule and amounts to pay and tracks if I'm ahead or behind. I've been reviewing our expenses much more often and identifying where we could use a little more discipline. Although... there's quality of life, too. Like tonight, I thought there would be leftovers for dinner, but there are no leftovers. So we'll probably get $2 tacos from the taqueria down the street. Is it money spent? Yes. But is it good for our sanity? Yes.

Wishing... i had a few new clothes. Being a new mother is hard on your identity and sense of self. There's a feeling of not knowing who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world. Add to it extra pounds and a post-baby belly, and I've got very few clothes that fit or flatter. But buying a new wardrobe doesn't mesh with our plans at the moment. I've put my StitchFix on hold and I think it's going to stay that way for a while, and I'll just wear the same stuff over and over again and try hard to lose this weight.

Procrastinating on... writing the latest round of thank you notes for gifts people have sent to Little Girl. I'm so touched by the huge, loving tribe she has, but I have trouble carving out time to sit down and write notes by hand. Maybe this weekend.

Using... Runkeeper, Pacer, and iHydrate. In the quest to drop an even 20 post-baby pounds, I'm counting steps and trying to drink water instead of snack. I like each of these apps because they show me my progress throughout the day. It almost turns it into a game. Runkeeper even sends me congratulatory emails!

I hope your week is going well, friends.