June goals revisited, July goals set

June Goals

1. Finish dress lining and blog about it. - Didn't happen. 2. Get at least half the house packed for moving. - Didn't happen. 3. Actually create a playlist or two. - Did do this. I have several started. Good to see where my priorities lie... 4. Make fasolakia for the first time. – This turned out really well - just hearty, peasanty food. Husband even took some to his writer's group. I just made a crapton of it. 5. Finish A Change is Gonna Come – I've slowed on this because we've been busy. I love and respect the author so much that I don't feel like reading it unless I'm willing to give it my complete attention. 6. Dispose of half of my toiletries. – I wouldn't say I tossed half but I did get a bunch tossed/recycled. That will accelerate in the moving process, I suspect. 7. Apply for another year of Humira. – Fail. I'm waiting for my paperwork to arrive!

Wow, June did not go at all like I had planned. We traveled every weekend (I think) and in between we were just surviving. July's going to go much, much worse - we're stripping wallpaper and painting all this weekend and next week, and then we're on vacation in Colorado for two weeks, and then we move. Nothing else will be happening. At all. Nothing. In light of that:

July goals

1. Strip wallpaper. 2. Paint. 3. Take before, during, and after pictures. 4. Pack LIGHTLY for vacation. 5. Enjoy vacation. 6. Avoid tantrums and breakdowns.

Think I can do it?