Just so you know

I am at work without a bra. Let me tell you why.

We brought the cats over to the new place* last night and sometime while Hubs and I were exhaustedly snoring, someone expressed their outrage all over the pile of clothes on the floor.

So now my only bra that's not in a box is covered in cat piss. Ergo, at work, with no bra. Luckily I chose an outfit to wear that hides the fact pretty well, excepting for a certain lack of perkiness.

They're lucky they're cute. Otherwise this winter I'd have a couple of new fur hats** to keep the Wisconsin chill from my bones.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *But Joanna, a new place? And where have you been for the last two weeks? And what about Scarecrow's brain? It's all coming. We're not done with our move, but as soon as I can I'll share.

** No, not really. Don't write any angry emails.