Sultry is a state of mind

It’s so hot this week. The air is so full of moisture that you can feel it filling up your throat and pressing against your cheekbones. You go out the door, full of ambition and energy (clean ALL the things!) and the wall of August air hits you and suddenly your muscles are melting into the cracks in the sidewalk and all you want to do is lie down under a sprinkler and never never move ever again. Quit your bitching, you say. You have central air! Yes, we do, and thank God. At our old place we didn't have any air (and frankly, we didn't need it. Living right next to the lake, we had some fabulous airflow and used a window a/c maybe two weeks the entire time we were there) and there we would have smothered in this weather. I will admit to sitting on a comfortable couch, watching baseball in a cool living room, eating a popsicle. Life could be worse.

There are hot weather essentials.....

A floaty sundress.

by prizysebastian on etsy

An icy Arnold Palmer.

from the Food Network site

A kiddy pool (if you can fit!).

Maybe passing the hottest part of the day in a cool room...

... with a nap.

Stay cool, friends. If nothing else, enjoy a popsicle for me.