It's been a rough week. Saturday morning my gmail account was hacked by Russian spammers, so I spent an hour calling various older relatives explaining the concept of spam, and why they shouldn't click on the link that (it looks like) I sent. Then on Sunday, already frustrated on the way home from a fruitless Home Depot trip, we were rear ended by a woman in D&G sunglasses. Our poor Subaru will be back in the shop for the second time in six months, and I had to call in to work Monday and Tuesday to get some of this taken care of . The rest of the week has been full of botched dinners, overwhelming workloads, illness on both our parts, heat, mosquitoes, and a sick cat. Let me tell you about our sick cat. Our poor little girl Kitten* would go down to the basement to use her box and we could hear her yowling as she used it all the way upstairs! If you're a parent or a pet lover, right now you have tears springing to your eyes as you think of your baby screaming in pain and you're unable to help them. So we called into the vet and Hubs had to take her in for observation the next day** and sure enough, she has a UTI (as my friend D put it, the bane of womanhood in all species). We got her an antibiotic shot and she's going back in for a checkup in a week. Poor little girl.

In conclusion, besides the bright spot of Hubs' end of service, there's not been a lot going for us this week. Hopefully this weekend goes better - it's an annual family reunion on Wyl's father's side, and we'll be camping out at least one night. Mentally wave away skeeters for me.

I leave you with a picture of Le Kitten, being Floppy-Rolly.


*She's actually 13; she's just so tiny that we call her Kitten.

**Hubs was just a wreck the whole time she was in, feeling guilty that she was in pain and in a strange place and scared. She's his little girl and he feels very responsible for her.