I'm not crying for you, August

September 1st. I know everyone around is mourning the slow death of summer, but I believe I can speak for me and mine when I say, die faster, bitch. This summer has mostly sucked (interspersed with a few bright times) and I'm so happy to see it go. For example, in the last week alone:

  • Kitten has cost us $200 on top of the $130 that she already cost us.
  • My medical billers from my skin cancer scare are getting nastier.
  • Hubs' 17 year old Volvo's muffler finally gave out.
  • I dipped below my Minimum Happy Weight, thanks to this wonderful flare I'm going through.
  • Hubs' great aunt passed away, which means he's spending the day before he starts teaching across the state at a wake.
  • Hubs got a letter from the university stating that they're not going to waive his tuition because he's an undergrad, even though he's doing the exact same work as a graduate TA. (we're fighting this one).
  • Hubs also discovered that his old GI Bill was used up as of May, but no one ever told him so he could apply for the new one  in time for this semester.
  • ALSO he's eligible for the Marine College Fund which he applied for THREE YEARS AGO, and even though he's eligible, the DOD still may decide they're not going to give it to him, whenever they deign to respond to his application.
  • Raises at work are not even keeping up with the standard of living.
  • We've still got several holes around the house, not the least of which is a lack of a medicine cabinet/mirror in the bathroom because apparently they don't make them in the dimensions we need any more.

It has been a solid week of WHAT THE, I DON'T EVEN. And most of our summer has been like this.

I should point out - most of these problems are first world problems, and I know that we have it better than most of the poor souls in this world. Still... we could use some good luck.