Bullet points for your Tuesday morning: * We have a major work event tonight at the Monona Terrace... right after a Presidential rally at the U. In a town where there's really only three ways to get where you're going, traffic is going to be a living nightmare. Pray for me.

* Fall is kicking in. I hate to admit it, but my husband is rubbing off on me. I'm enjoying the cool air as a relief and a change of pace. I even am enjoying sleeping with the window open, though the cats may disagree. But ask me again in February.

* I could really use new shoes, new work pants, new jeans, new bras, and new socks. My newest pair of jeans is at least five years old, and they look it. The problem with being an adult is that I can't just charge it all or blow my rent money on clothes. Budget is budget is budget, and we push it more often than not as it is.

* A quick six day round of steroids seems to have done me and my guts a world of good. I was very leery of popping 'roids, because every time I do I end up with the worst side effects you can think of**, but this time the round was so short that I managed to walk away only with some greasy skin.

* Midterm elections are gonna about drive me mad. On WPR, on TV, online, it's all ELECTION MADNESS. There's some especially smarmy and hateful people running and I really just don't want to hear it any more. Sadly... five more weeks.

* Two weeks until our second anniversary.... we discussed doing gifts (2 years is cotton or china) but gifting is a source of stress for me and I think we'd both rather go out for a good meal instead. This year has just flown. I can't imagine what it'll be like looking back on 25 or 50 years!

* As eventful as work is right now, I'm finding myself wanting to be at home all day. I have my best energy and motivation during the day and I find myself sitting at my desk, wishing I was marking a hem or painting trim instead.

How about you, peeps? Anything to share?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** I like to make people's eyes open wide by describing the way long-term steroids make me hear voices.