The Black Ops Helicopters are still circling

Tuesday night's Presidential Traffic was just as bad as I thought it was going to be. We all had to be waaaaay over on the East side by 5:30. I left at 4:15 after warning any partner that would listen that they should leave soon too. I got waved off and dismissed by almost all of them (apparently soon after I left an email went out notifying people that the traffic was ridonkulous and they should leave ASAP. I TOLD YOU SO. Ahem). At 5:15 I was still ten minutes away from our venue, stopped dead on the beltline as the helicopters buzzed overhead and the presidential motorcade came zooming through (I didn't get to see it, I was too far away). I made it by 5:30, but barely. Some of the partners didn't make it to our venue until the first speeches were ready to start. Apparently people were lined up for miles to see Obama. Hubs watched from home, far away from the noise, and sent me text updates as I sat in traffic.

Our event went well, despite the traffic, and a number of clients who didn't come simply because they didn't want to deal with traveling. I actually love client events; I love to put on a nice dress, and schmooze, and flirt with the old men and make them feel young. It's fun. And I usually get free booze and finger foods out of it.

I haven't seen W much this week, thanks to the Tuesday event, his Wednesday film night, and a talk he has to attend at the Veteran's Museum tonight. Tomorrow evening we're headed up to Winona to visit his mom and stepdad and attend the Minnesota Opera on Saturday. It's Orfeo ed Euridice - baroque opera is so not my favorite, but it'll be a nice night out and I've never been to the MN Opera.

Hope your Thursday is manageable, peeps.