Bullet points. Such a violent phrase.

I realize that I've been away for a while. I was pondering what I wanted to do with this blog. I was feeling.... censored, shall we say. Smothered. Out of control. But guess what? I'll have to get over it, won't I?

  • Life continues apace here. Husband is still overworking at his TAship. Every Wednesday I get an evening to myself while he runs a film festival for his students. My work has gotten insanely busy, as it does every time this year when the partners realize that they're running out of time to get administrative things done before the real busy season starts.
  • Biggest thing going in my life is that I've finally given in to the five months of Crohn's induced misery and asked my doctor for steroids. 40 milligrams of prednisone is currently helping me - no more fevers, better bathroom habits, and I'm gaining weight back - but also giving me manic nervous energy, a ravenous, constant appetite, heartburn, and imagined moonface - this is after one week, and I'm looking at a few months on this drug as I taper down. Now you see why I resisted for five months.
  • Chase moved me over to a Freedom card (without asking me, I might add). So I promptly set up automatic payments under their Blueprint program. I picked an amount that'll be small enough to fit our (tiny) budget and will still make progress, so in 20 months, I'll be debt-free to Chase. Credit card gets signed but goes in a drawer. And it's one less payment I have to think about every month. Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't be doing this?
  • Other side "benefits" of the prednisone: my house is cleaner than it's been since we moved in. All the little projects I've been meaning to do are slowly getting done. And I'm getting the urge to sew back. Today I picked up some patterns and fabric at a ridonkulous sale at Joann's and I'm set to create pj pants, Christmas stockings, and an apron. I've already burned through the projects I've been putting off until "later".
  • The cats are about to get donated to the nearest crazy cat lady, I swear to God. They cost us $400 last month in vet bills - Kitten had yet another UTI and Sammycat somehow scratched a whole patch of skin off his shoulder, raw and bloody. Antibiotics, steroid shots, expensive UTI-treating snacks, return visits - those add up. And Sammycat has been refusing to let his shoulder heal - as soon as it scabs over, he scratches it open again. We've resorted to taping his back foot up with surgical tape and gauze. Let me tell you, internets, how HIGHlarious this is. Mr. Drama Queen is limping around on three feet (let you recall that his actual foot is not injured in any way), giving us pathetic looks, mewling angrily. He's also starting to passively-aggressively knock things off of tables and counters. Meanwhile, Kitten is healed from her UTI, but puking almost every morning between 3 and 6. And guess who gets to wake up and shove her off the bed before she can barf on it? This gal. Like I said.... nearest. Crazy. Cat lady.
  • Need a picture to end the post, I suppose.

Oh yes. We are nuts.

Oh yes Mom. I went there. Welcome to the internets.