I tell you what, internets.

Only I could turn a one hour project into a six hour project. PJ pants? Easy, they say. A good project for a beginner, they say. Quick and clean, they say. Right. PJ pants for Hubs took me all afternoon, and they're still very obviously a beginner's product. I had to cut all my pieces on the living room floor, I had to redo the yoke almost completely - did I mention that the pattern gave me pieces that are the sewing equivalent of a toddler's wooden blocks? - I had to teach myself how to do buttonholes - they were the first I'd ever done, and they look it - I had to bother my midterm-writing husband three times for fit input - ON PJ PANTS, PEOPLE - and they still are obviously homemade. It is a little bit discouraging, people, I have to tell you. But I know I have to start somewhere.I have a second chunk of fabric that I'm going to use for a pair for myself tomorrow. Am going to attempt to keep it under four hours. Wish me luck.