What can I get away with...?

Oi, I cannot believe what a productive weekend I've had. Friday night was kind of a bust; I wasn't feeling great in the guts so I spent most of it on the couch, but Saturday morning we got up and went school-clothes shopping for W (I'd saved some gift money from my mom, plus it was friends and family weekend at Banana Republic/Gap, so we got a lot of bang for our buck). He was frustrated at BR; there were some lovely sweaters he tried on but everything there is cut for skinny hipster guys, which is exactly what my man is not; he's not fat but he's barrel-chested, with big broad (sexy) shoulders and beefy arms. He couldn't get anything he tried on over his shoulders! Gap was better - he found some very nice casual shirts waaaay on sale and we managed to pick a few other things up at Boston's and Kohl's. Shopping with a husband has opened my eyes to the fact that us women aren't the only ones frustrated by fit, quality, and selection. I wish I magically had amazing sewing skills so I could simply make him the items he wanted.

The rest of Saturday was spent on the Six Hour PJ Pants and laundry. I haven't gotten to my own pj pants yet and I probably won't this weekend at all. They can wait. I spent all day today doing grocery shopping, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, doing more laundry, ironing, dusting, wiping glass, sweeping.... cleaning ALL the things. It makes me feel oddly good to clean; I feel like I'm taking care of my family, if that makes any sense. I feel like my home is an extension of  myself, if that makes any sense; the state of my home reflects my self-worth. ... well, when I put it that way, it sounds kind of pathetic. Maybe I'm not being articulate enough.

As I was cleaning this afternoon, I got to thinking about the lovely ladderback chairs we have with our dining table. The table set itself isn't anything special, except that it came from my deceased yiayia and I have sentimental attachment to it. It's a very solid round slab of wood and the ladderback chairs have woven cane seats. I was thinking about how to dress it up a bit without resorting to a tablecloth, and I think making some pillows for the seats is in order. Since our walls are a pale grey, I'm thinking seatpillows in the very trendy yellow and grey might be a lovely bright spot in our room. Something like these:

I'm just dying for some patterns in our home; everything is neutral solids. I'm going to start with things like pillows and see if I can push W's tolerance!