Amazing what you find when you clean.

We had a happy moment on Sunday. W was going through his dresser*, organizing and clearing out old clothes, when suddenly I heard him loudly squee - in a very manly way, of course. Backstory: my wedding gift to him was cufflinks. Kind of boring, but the special part was that they were lockets and I'd enclosed tiny photos of two men whom he was very close to but had passed away - his Poppa and his cousin Teddy.

by Carasco Photography

And soon after the wedding, the cufflinks just up and vanished and we could not find them to save our lives. We haven't seen them since and I could tell that W felt like an ass for losing them. I was very okay with it; I figured they were somewhere, and they'd show up.They'd served their purpose - two men W had loved dearly were able to be with him on his wedding day.

Two years later, you can guess what the Manly Squee was.

They were randomly in among his undershirts. Why, I have no earthly clue. But it was a lovely surprise. Has anything like this happened to you?


*Which happens to be from the 1800s and was carried to Minnesota in a covered wagon, omg it's gorgeous.