I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you're American, and a great Thursday otherwise. W and I are having dinner at home, just the two of us and the cats; I just was not up to traveling this year, mentally or physically. We've got a turkey (we'll stuff the cavity with oranges and spices) and we're making stuffing (with apples, parsnips, and sausage), mashed potatoes (with heavy cream and nutmeg) and brussels sprouts (with bacon, of course). After that feast and local ice cream, we'll not move for several days, I suspect.

I'm thankful for:

1. My husband, the joy of my life and my rock.

2. My mom, my best friend in the world and my forever advocate.

3. My fuzzbutt kitties, who bring me such happiness with their idiocy and love.

4. My families and my family of friends, who open my eyes and my world every day.

5. A steady job that keeps a roof over our head and my husband in school.

6. Hubs' access to an education, and the GI Bill that's helping him achieve his dream.

7. Access to the high-quality health care I need. I am very aware of how incredibly lucky I am in this.

8. Safety, security, and the good food on our table today. Even with our tight budget we have more than 95% of the people in this world.

9.The world I live in, that's so amazing and wonderful. I could learn my whole life and still not know all there is to know, and that is so cool.

10. This blog and all of you - it's an outlet for me and I love connecting with you. Be safe, be happy, enjoy your weekend!