It Are Snow

  • We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. We managed to (barely) fit our roaster in our little 1960s oven. All of our food turned out deliciously and we made several phone calls around to various family groups to say hello. I was grateful not to have to drive. Next year I suspect we will be at my mother-in-law's.
  • My amazing sister-in-law is giving her senior cello recital this week! She goes to Eastman and is so unbelievably talented. Hopefully I'll get a recording that I can post here for you to hear.
  • Our kitties have grown in their winter coats and they're so unbelievably silky and soft and thick. I love to cuddle with FatFat* in the evenings now. He lies up my chest and sticks his face in my face and buzzes like a diesel motor and makes (Soft-Claw'd) bread in my neck. It's so cute I could just pass out. No doubt I am his Mommy.
  • We went on a little spending spree this past weekend. Saturday morning when all the insane Black Friday shoppers were sleeping in, we went shopping and got drapes for the living room and $15 jeans. I haven't bought jeans in several years so to have some pairs that fit in a decent dark wash, even if they are stretchy and cheap, is a HUGE deal for me. I do know I need to upgrade to some nice ones someday, but not right now. I hear about brands like Seven for All Mankind and True Religion but they're a bit above my price point at the moment.
  • There's something in the works for the future of our family. I don't want to jinx it but if you could offer up a prayer for its success I'd appreciate it. No, not a babby. Not praegnant. Sorry.
  • I gave up on trying to read In Defense of Food - for some reason I couldn't make myself absorb what I was reading. I got the audio book from iTunes and I'm listening to it on my commute and doing much better. It's really eye-opening. it doesn't make me want to be a vegetarian or make me sad, but dude, if you ever wondered how much corn you're ingesting, you should pick it up and have a read. The extent to which our nation's food policies are dictated by the food producers is really disheartening. I should make my mom read it.
  • We had our first snow today!

*Yes, we are totally those people who have embarassing, silly nicknames for our cats, and we talk sweetly to them and call them their nicknames, and they squeeze their eyes and purr. It's love, y'all.