Merrily, Merrily, Through the Snow

In plus/minus format: +We got hit by the OMGBlizzard this weekend. We spent Sunday morning digging out so Mr. PW could go be a guest on a radio show in the afternoon. He had to drive Subaru down an unplowed street, since the plows didn't get to us until 10 that night, but Subaru handled it admirably. And now it's four degrees out but it's so pretty. All the trees are flocked and the snow sparkles in the sun. And people aren't driving too badly either.

- I've hit the point in my prednisone cycle when the excruciatingly painful cystic body acne hits. Aren't you glad you're reading this? I've got scalpne, which is just what it sounds, and acne right between my boobs. It sucks, I hate it, my hair is also falling out and my face is ballooned up just in time for Christmas photos. The appetite is easing (good thing, since I've gained all my weight back) but the anxiety isn't.  Just how every girls wants to feel around the holidays: ugly, puffy, and nervous. TAPER FASTER, PREDNISONE.

- Currently trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never have the ability to bake and the feeling that that fact makes me a failure as a New Woman.

- I have to spend so much money this week, you guys. The bulk of the Christmas shopping is happening on my lunch breaks this week. Assuming I get lunch breaks. Today is not looking so promising.*wills her boss to exit the building*

+ Obsession with Pinterest continues.  So many possibilities. I've started bookmarking sewing tutorials there instead of letting them languish in my starred items on Google Reader.

- I really slacked on being productive this weekend, and I'm working through the guilt trip as we speak. I know sometimes I'm capable of being Superwoman (fueled by the steroids) so when I'm not up to it I feel like I'm slacking off, even if no one else feels that way. The guilt cycle is never ending.

+ I'm trying to think of a plus to end this on, but this week, and especially today, is just turning out really badly for me and almost everyone I know and love. It's just bunker mode until we slush out.