That's one of the few words I can say in Greek. It means automobile. Aren't you proud of me? I wish I knew more. I went to Greek school when I was little and I was pretty adept at picking up the language, but I was miserably lonely. Everyone in my class went to a different (wealthier) school than me and looked down their noses at me. I hadn't learned how to enjoy myself without friends yet, so Mom let me quit. And of course I'm screaming with regret now, kicking myself for the opportunity I squandered. (Anyone else quit something as a kid and wish they hadn't?)

I'm aware that at 28, my brain isn't going to ever be fluent in Greek. It's just biology. but I was listening to NPR this morning and for a story about the Greek economic crisis they played a few seconds of some secretary or another speaking Greek and oooooh, did it ache that I couldn't understand him. I realized that I enjoyed the sound of spoken Greek (that's definitely a heritage thing, it's not pretty like French or Portuguese) and I really treasure the few words and phrases I know.

Last year before my desktop computer died, Mr. PW laid hands on a - hmm...     liberated - copy of the first volume of Rosetta Stone's Greek program. It only worked for a little while, but while it did, both Mr. PW and I picked up several words and have retained them for at least six months (this may have something to do with an inside joke that has us repeating them to each other almost daily).

So one more resolution for my list: I've got to make getting the Greek Rosetta Stone a financial priority. I'll never forgive myself if I don't at least attempt to pick Greek back up.

Is there anything out there you're saving for?