Becoming parents again

[It's amazing. When I've finally got a post formulated in my head, something comes along and bumps it. ] Mr. PW took Sammycat to the vet for his vaccinations this morning (I'm stuck at work). Along with chat about getting his fat ass down to a healthier size (Sammycat, that is; Mr. PW is doing fine), Dr. Pam brought up getting him a companion. She feels the signs are pointing towards Sam being a little neurotic (this is not shocking to us). He's been clingy, even to Mr. PW, who has traditionally been his competition for Mommy's Love. He's got a bare patch developing on his belly, which we thought was from dragging on the basement steps but Dr. Pam thinks is from OCD grooming. She said that if we're going to get another cat, now really is the time to do it before he settles into being an only cat again. And we should get a kitten. I am of mixed feelings about all of this.Plus/minus format to the rescue.

+ I miss Kitten. I always will. But I don't feel, at this point, like we're "replacing" her. One doesn't make replacements with pets.

- I wonder if Mr. PW is ready. He felt her death very keenly, and I don't want him to feel like we're forgetting her or trivializing her death.

+ Sammycat seems to be ready, and since he's the least adaptable of all of us (he's not known for his sharp intellect, let's put it that way) it seems like we should be conforming to his needs.

+ I would love a kitten, I'll be honest. Can you imagine the death by cute?

- But everyone wants kittens. There are thousands upon thousands of unwanted adult cats who desperately need homes.I feel very sad and guilty about this. This is a big ethical issue for me, and I'm going to have to figure out how to balance getting a kitten.

+ But according to Dr. Pam, a kitten is really the only choice for a home with an existing adult cat, especially a male. Any aggression on Sam's part will more likely be interpreted as play by the kitten. The kitten will be less threatening to Sammy, and less likely to make him act out. He's more likely to become friends with it rather than assailants, like he and Kitten always were.

- Mr. PW is going back to school next week, so we're going to have to arrange for separation during the day until we're sure that 16-lb Sammycat isn't going to wail on the kitten while we're not home. But he will be home much more than if he had a 9-5, and can supervise their interactions.

It seems to come down to putting Sammy's needs first, but I'm very conflicted. Does anyone have advice, words of comfort, ideas?