Snowpocalypse. Snowtorious B.I.G. Snowprah. Snowbraham Lincoln. SnOMG. Snowjactulation. ... Too far?Sorry.

Anyways, that's ALL anyone is talking about today. The UW actually canceled classes for tomorrow, which NEVER happens, except that it DID year before last, which makes this instance ever CRAZIER. It's CRAZY, I tells ya. This also greatly ups the chance that work will be closed tomorrow, which I can't remember would be a paid day or not, but who cares because SNOW DAY WOOHOO. So cross your fingers for me.

I have so much to tell you about, mah bebehs. But we'll start off with the biggest, the best, the most awesomest news: Mr. PW got into grad school! He's now officially on the Phd track here at the UW. Well, after gets his BA in May. BUT WHATEVER. We're so relieved! Especially since he didn't apply anywhere else, since his thesis is Madison-specific, so this was Plan A, and there kinda was no Plan B. He got his letter on Saturday, and we friends visiting us and we definitely celebrated.

Today at work I got these lovely lilies. At first I thought they were from Mr. PW, but nope, they were from my father and stepmother in law! They're a thank you for supporting Mr. PW and helping him get where he is. Isn't that sweet?

Tell me, bebehs, is it snowing where you are? Or would you like to rub it in that it's 75 and sunny?