The Dews of a Delicate World

This morning I woke early, for once. Lying in bed, I could hear poor Mr. PW snoring from the couch (thanks to a vicious cold, he's slept out there for the whole week) and the sounds of the cats roughhousing somewhere on the first floor. The sun was just beginning to filter through the curtains and my bed was deliciously, soothingly warm*.For once, I wasn't late. I didn't have anything I had to do right that minute. I could lie there and think about my little family, and how much I loved them, and how happy our life really is. Tonight when I come home I'll be greeted with kisses from my husband and screaming and headbutts from the kitties. We'll eat dinner and listen to Riverwalk Jazz and watch House Hunters**. I've got some paperwork to do, and some laundry to start. We'll spend the weekend loving and being loved.

And I hope that your weekend is as joyous, as relaxing, as refreshing, and as happy as it can possibly be.

*If thou hast not an electric mattress pad, thou must avail thyself. Heaven. Absolute heaven.

** Don't deny it,  you watch too.