Has it really been ten days? I'm sorry. I've been in more of a consuming mood than a creating mood. Bullet points:

  • Protests and recall efforts continue apace here in WI, but we've stepped back our role a bit. Last weekend when the 14 returned we were there (I got to shake so many cool people's hands!) but that really seemed like the apex. The focus is shifting now to starting dialogues and getting out the vote on April 5.
  • If you know what 1120S, 1065, 1040, estimates, and PP Report mean, then you'll know how busy my workplace has been and will continue to be for a while.
  • We are planning an open house for Mr. PW's graduation in May. This should theoretically be my opportunity to whip us some gorgeous decorations and food like any blogger worth her salt, right? Eh..... we'll see.
  • Yesterday was so gorgeous that I really couldn't ignore the yard any more. When we moved in in August we were so concerned with getting the inside up to speed that I really did the minimum outside to keep it acceptable for the neighbors. So yesterday I went out and started raking up the leaves I'd left over the winter and picking up brush and debris. Now I've got a huge brush pile next to the deck and piles of leaves everywhere, getting rained on. And I also found a bunch of trash - junk food wrappers, bottle tops, plastic bags, a coffee table - the tenants before us were super slobs. The proverbial white trash, if you will.  The drop off sites for yard waste and large trash items open next weekend and I'm going to be making several trips in Turbox to clear the crap out. But it was wonderful to see that green things were already poking they way out! Spring is here!
  • I have seedlings sprouting in flats on our kitchen table! I can't believe that I didn't immediately kill all the seeds, but the Black Krim tomatoes and the lettuce mix are already tiny green spikes. I fear that they'll still die before I can transplant them outside; I'll either overwater or underwater or they won't get enough sunlight in our ridiculously dark house. I have no clue what I'm doing.
  • How has your week been? I know everyone's getting antsy for fresh air and sunshine.

Parting shot: Family friend Margo and myself, circa 1982. Let me tell you, internets: this woman will make the best food you've ever had in your entire damn life. Fact.