The ABCs of Joanna

Because I'm apparently not writing about anything else this week. Baaaaaa. A. Age: 28, for 13 more days. B. Bed size: Queen. This means flaily husband gets approx. 75%, each cat gets 5%, and I get what's left. Someday we will have enough bedroom for a king. C. Chore you hate: Grocery shopping. HAAAATE. D. Dogs: None. Someday. After we buy a home, I suspect. E. Essential start to your day: Morning Edition and mascara. F. Favorite color: Any vivid jewel tone. Purple is my current. G. Gold or silver: Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold... H. Height: 5’4" and a half! and a half!! I. Instruments you play: I dabble in piano, organ, mandolin, and banjo. I don't truly play any of them. J. Job Title: Official: Administrative Assistant. Unofficial: Mommy, because none of my bosses can fend for themselves. K. Kids: Someday. We haven't figured out how to make it possible yet. L. Live: Madison, WI aka The People's Republic of Madison, aka The Athens of the Midwest. We're a bit crunchy. M. Mom’s name: Marianne. N. Nicknames: my family calls me Nana, most people call me Jo, my husband calls me Shinytimes. O. Overnight hospital stays: Too many to mention. I've spent up to three weeks at a time in the hospital thanks to my guts. P. Pet peeve: I'm a fairly intolerant person. I think I can cover most of them by saying I hate people who feel they're above the rules. Q. Quote from a movie:

"What makes you say that?"

"My Mouth!"

R. Right or left handed: Left. S. Siblings: One younger brother and five siblings in law! T. Time you wake up: 6 AM weekdays; usually around 8 AM weekends. When I drag myself from bed is another story. Waking up HURTS. U. Underwear: Yes, please. V. Vegetables you dislike: Eggplant. Okra. Pickles! W. What makes you run late: Being lazy. Being distracted by shiny things. My husband taking too long to get out of bed. My guts. X. X-Rays you’ve had: Too many. Also, you haven't seen cool until you've a gastrointestinal barium scan. Y. Yummy food you make: I toss together a reasonable dinner if you give me a good recipe. I used to be a hopeless cook but I'm slowly improving. Z. Zoo animal: I love all the reptiles. And the bats. My favorite place is the Lied Jungle at the Henry Doorly Zoo.