Gardens are easier when they come ready-made.

  • We went to a pretty fun party on Saturday night - a dear friend turned 64, so he had a Beatles-themed "When I'm 64" party and everyone had to come dressed as a Beatles reference. We saw some great costumes - a couple of Lucies in the Sky with Diamonds, a couple of Paperback Writers, a Rocky Raccoon, a Mr. Moonlight, a couple of Lady Madonnas, a couple dressed all in white (The White Album) and my favorite - a guy dressed normally, but with a condom taped to the bottom of his shoe.* Mr. PW went as the Fool on the Hill, and I carried a jar of rice and went as Eleanor Rigby. The most fun part of the evening was seeing all the older folks dancing to the music, transported back to their teenagerhood when they danced to those same songs the first time.
  • Four years ago yesterday Mr. PW took me to the middle of the domestic terminal at O'Hare airport and asked me to marry him. The life I have with him is the happiest life I could have hoped for.
  • I went around and took some photos of plants in my garden on Friday because I still don't know what many of them are. I'm going to make a Facebook album for Mr. PW's aunt to see - she's a fabulous earth-mother hippie back-to-the-land type who knows all sorts of things about plants, so she'll probably be able to identify a few for me. The pictures are a bit sad looking because we had a massive thunderstorm the night before and everything's a bit wet and beat down.

Not a clue what these are.

These either.


Ever felt a lamb's ear plant? They're so soft!

I have four pots of Black Krim tomatoes, popping up fast. Basil and cilantro too!

Not a clue what this is, growing up around a border, but I love the white stripes.

Flag irises.

Ferns always remind me of dinosaurs.

Anyone know what this tall flowering bush is?

*Rubber Sole (Soul).