I am currently exhausted because Thursday was a whirlwind trip up to Minneapolis for a Twins game with Mr. PW, my Mother in Law, and the three siblings on that side. Thursday would have been MIL and FIL's 21st wedding anniversary, a hard day for any widow of barely six weeks, so it was decided that we'd all spend the day together - and hopefully keep her company and distract her in the process.

It was a lovely day, a lovely game. Cool like Minnesota is. July 16 and it was 68 degrees at first pitch! It was my first trip to Target Field, and I loved seeing the wind veil and hops bats and Bert's Countdown and Thome's count-up (593! woooo!). It was nice to spend the day with my siblings in law, whom I uniformly adore. I have pictures of the family, but I need to get them from Mr. PW. Between you and me and the internets, I spent most of the day really sick, feverish, with a lot of guts pain - not the best timing for that. AND the most embarrassing thing ever happened after the game.

We were in the merchandise shop with 405970294587 other people, and the others were dispersed around the shop trying to find a gift for their grandpa, and I was standing quietly against the wall, waiting, when all of a sudden I started to get dizzy. You know that tingly feeling you get when your foot starts to fall asleep? That was happening to my head. So I slid to the floor, just to sit for a minute. And then - a tap on my shoulder. A security guard had spotted me. He very nicely, but firmly, wouldn't let me get up and then he called two first aid guys! Y'all, I cannot even describe the sheer humiliation of everyone nearby staring at me, and the worry on MIL's face, while these two guys in bright red shirts and bags of equipment grilled me about how I was feeling. They got me outside into the breeze and I was just fine within two minutes but the damage was done. While the others went back in to look some more Mr. PW stayed outside with me and I just cried into his shoulder for a few minutes.

The best thing that happened all day, I missed - I was in the bathroom. But I heard about it. Tsuyoshi Nikiosha, in his first game back since breaking his leg, hit a foul ball straight for our section. It bounced off a guy in the row in front of us and landed boop! right in MIL's lap. We all knew. Her first foul ball was an anniversary gift from her husband.