Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today

When was the last time you were on a bike? Before last night, I couldn't even tell you for me. I suspect it's been at least five years! But last night Mr. PW and I went on an evening ride and I fell back in love. Mr. PW is looking for something to switch out with running; he takes a morning run but on off days, he suggested we ride, and I jumped on it. Madison, being a bit of a hippie town, has a fantastic bike trail system and one of them goes right behind our neighborhood. Last night we jumped on it and rode all the way from our house to Monona Terrace, a distance of almost nine miles. I felt really good the entire time, though I definitely had to work hard to keep up with my much-fitter husband. I didn't even need my inhaler. But I will say one thing - there are certain intimate areas of me that are very, very tender today. Feel free to laugh at me. Last night I was concentrating mostly on keeping my balance and not getting hit by cars. As I get more confident, I can work on things like lifting my behind when I go over bumps.

Neither of us have a helmet, which frightens me. From a casual Google, it seems like the prices vary wildly and I'd have to do good research to find out which brand is best. I suspect that a bad helmet would be pretty pointless.

But oh! How pretty Madison is in the summer. I love our town so much.

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