Five for Friday

(NOTE: Squarespace decided to give this an original publish date of 12/31/1969. While hilarious, that meant it got buried. It was supposed to publish 10/16/2015. Sorry.)

1. We found out last week that we are having a girl. We were both in awe of the level of detail we could see in the ultrasound - we could see all four chambers of the heart, y'all! Our parents never had that level of information with us. We spent the whole hour plus going "ooooh! Look at that! Hey, is that the bladder?" And also waiting for her to quit doing somersaults! Child would not stop moving. She seemed annoyed at being poked and prodded. By the end I admit I was sore and ready to stop being punched in the gut, too.

It's going to be an adjustment to expect a daughter. I was so sure it was a boy. Maybe that was wishful thinking. But my brain will slowly come around, I'm sure.

2. My workplace is starting a "Wellness Initiative", where, among other things, if you complete a checkup and enroll in a weight loss program or meditation or whatever, they'll pay you $150. One, that's a drop in the bucket of normal medical costs. That doesn't even buy you a pair of glasses. But more importantly, this sounds like a shady as fuck way to invade our privacy, find ways to rule conditions pre existing and not pay for them, and lean unfairly on those of us that are stuck sick for the rest of our lives. I pushed back to our HR and got soothing pablum in response. Not a fan.

3.  I'm out sick with a fever today and still working from home. Wondering how to find that balance between paticipating wholeheartedly in my job, which I love, and firmly establishing boundaries. My boss answers her cellphone for the faculty at all hours, which I am mostly definitely not going to do. 

4. Tomorrow we have a baby shower, combined with a sip n' see for BIL's new babe. Most of the attendees will be there for BIL et al, which is fine by me, because they're all church crazies. Bluntly. 

5. A group of girlfriends and I are doing a mug exchange and look at the "adorable kitten mug" I got:

The best, or the absolute best? I had a ten minute laughing fit. 

The best, or the absolute best? I had a ten minute laughing fit.