Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Is it a jungle in my backyard?...

No! It's my unbelievably huge tomato plants!

They're five feet tall, bigger than I ever expected them to get, considering they're Black Krim heirlooms.  They're drinking water like crazy, of course. It's a typical August in Wisconsin, which means, hot, sticky, and wiltingly steamy.

We have more green tomatoes than I can count right now, all shiny, firm, healthy, without spots. I've probably jinxed myself now.

Also, can I just say, and everyone who has ever emigrated to Madison will agree with me - what the HELL is up with all the damn spiders?! It is spider PARADISE up in here. I have never in my life experienced the sheer amounts of spiders per square acre that I do here, and it is NOT cool, universe.

Most of the Black Krims are destined for homemade ketchup (catsup for you east coasters) but I'm hoping I can snag a few to make my favorite summer salad, like the one I made below from our CSA share: tomato, basil, scallions, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. That's it, and that's enough.