O Hai.

Catchup time! One, two, three, go! I was told at a party this weekend by a (rather tipsy) Jen of In The Kitchen With a Mad Scientist... that I needed to update, so I shall. For the three of you that read.

* The semester has started and Mr. PW is officially a grad student. Which means our lives officially revolve around his classes, his students, events at the Vets Museum, SVA obligations, and the ri-god-dang-diculous amount of reading he has to do (Seriously. He often has two days to read an entire book). This is not a bad thing. I love university life and I love being support staff to Mr. PW while he does what he loves. But it does leave us open to a few hazards, like...

*our very first headcolds of the school year. Mr. PW is stuffed up, I'm runny/sneezy, and both of us are Big Giant Babies about it. I'm not even going to pretend like it's no big deal that I can just sack up and muster through. I'm SICK and it SUCKS and I wanna go home and hang out in my PJs and not get anything done and order delivery every night and watch The Cosby Show on Netflix instead of going to work okay? We actually did get takeout on Monday night, weaklings that we are. But last night I made a ginormous pot of....

*lasagna soup! I used this recipe, and upped the meat and seasonings a bit. Next time I'll up the amount of liquids too because there wasn't enough of the delicious broth for my tastes. Mr. PW of the Specific Tastes Club loved it,  so there definitely will be a next time. Total comfort food y'all.

*Best news of the month: the lovely Dana of Appreciate Each Day and her husband Dan will be visiting Madison next weekend! Like I told her, good thing they're not coming this weekend, because there's going to be a home football game against Nebraska and the whole town's going to be an insane asylum. I'm gathering a bit of info for them on some activities they can do, like hiking at Devil's Lake, the Farmer's Market, renting a canoe at Rutabagavisiting the Capitol, and of course, all our amazing restaurants. Suggestions, anyone?

*I've been having a flurry of doctor's appointments lately, trying to get some symptoms under control. It's either a low-level systemic infection or simply the culmination of a few awful years of out of control Crohn's. Cross your fingers for me. I'm tired of feeling this bad.

*I have two small/medium butternut squash from our CSA that I haven't a clue what to do with. Any suggestions? I'd like to make them into a dinner.

That's enough of a wall of text for you for one entry, I feel. Here, have a photo from a wedding we attended in August.