What's the internet version of a doppelganger?

I get emails that aren't addressed to me. Well, they are, but not me me. They're sent to a woman whose name was my maiden name and for some reason is incapable of giving people her correct address.

I have my Joannamaidenname@gmail and Joanna.maidenname@gmail accounts forwarded to my current email so I don't have to keep signing in and out and occasionally I'll receive a daycare newsletter or emailed receipt or missive from a relative addressed to someone who is most definitely not me. At first I would reply to each email, asking them to contact their Joanna and get the correct address, but I've started just deleting them (except for the sweet note from her grandma; I replied to that one. Grandma deserves to know).

So far I've learned a few things. My namesharer lives in Australia. She has family in London. He grandmother's a sweet lady who seems to like growing roses. She has at least one child. She pays property taxes online. And she seems to be a bit of an idiot if she can't remember her own email address.


And yes, I would totally go in and just close the accounts down. If I remembered the passwords.