Bite the Bullet?

{source} The iPhone 5.

You're either squeeing or rolling your eyes at this point. If you're rolling your eyes, perhaps you should move on. If you're squeeing or at least halfway interested, help me think out loud.

Right now, we're with Verizon and we've got crappy little LG phones that came free with our plan. They work well enough.... as long as you're outside.... and have enough battery..... and are facing the right way... and it isn't storming. We can't talk on the phone inside our own house. All the other person hears is scattered syllables, and then the call drops. I've gotten used to calling people on my drive home from work, which honestly is not the safest habit I've ever cultivated. And we're paying almost $130 a month for this. I'm feeling a teeny bit ripped off, to be honest. Our contract was up in May, so we're month to month while we figure out what to do.

When Mr. PW got his bacherlor's degree, his graduation gift was going to be an iPhone. We didn't have enough money then, so it got pushed back. And pushed back. And pushed back. And now, while we're still poor as all heck, we've worked really hard to get our bills under control. We've turned down a few social opportunities that we knew would cost us money. I got a (small) raise at work. And (full circle) the iPhone 5 is going to be announced on October 4. Seems like this is the perfect time to take the plunge and switch over to AT&T, right?

Except that I'm dithering, like I always do. Dither dither dither.

- It's a luxury. It is. We really haven't done anything to earn that luxury. Our current phones do work most of the time, even if we hate them.

- Depending on if AT&T changes its plans, we may not end up saving anything on our monthly bill.

- No guarantees that AT&T will work any better in our house than Verizon does.

- (I can't believe I'm admitting this to the internets) I had to borrow money from my mother to help pay medical bills this summer. She's going to continue helping until I get my current round of symptoms cleared up. Kind of a slap in the face for her if we got iPhones, no?

- There are "better" things this money could be going to, like paying down debt or building our savings.

On the other hand:

- they're a luxury, but they're alos the way our peers are headed. Our heavily involved in politics peer group is online almost 24-7. They're also de rigeur for grad students, and Mr. PW is at a distinct disadvatage without a smartphone, especially while teaching.

- The reception in our house might not get better, but it can't get much worse. Neither can our monthly bill. And past the inital capital output, they're not any more expensive than any other phone.

- Smartphones has apps. Lots and lots of apps. I can get one to track prices at the grocery store, one to connect to our Mint account, one to track our calendar. Hell, just in the iTunes store, there's over a half-dozen just to track my Crohn's symptoms! My life's basic functions are simply to take care of my health, take care of my family, manage our (scarce) money wisely, and take care of our household. There're apps for ALL of these functions. The potential for organization has me chomping at the bit.

-  I'm not even going to lie: they are a shiny toy and they are very cool and I want one, the end.

I'll take any thoughts or comments, harsh as they may be.