Dancing in the Streets?

Let me set the scene for you. Maybe you're driving home from work. It's a lovely day, but the traffic is ridonkulous. You're backed up for miles, creeping slowly forward. Everyone around you in the other cars is tired, hungry, and impatient to be home.

Or maybe you're zooming down the highway at 65*, passing a car full of a mom and her kids on one side, and a semi with a burly driver on the other.

Now imagine that an awesome song comes on the radio, or cycles up next on your iPod. This song RULES. This song makes you sing along and dance in your seat every. single. time you hear it.


Maybe you brush your shoulder off with Jay-Z.

Maybe you're being a pretty girl with Keri Hilson.

If you're my mom, you're wailing about a bridge over troubled water.

Or maybe it's your (ahem, my) favorite song of all time:

And you are boppin', jumping around and drumming on the steering wheel and singing along at the top of your lungs.

And out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of the person in the car next to you, and they are watching you.

I'm going to ask you a favor at this moment, one that might be scary, and might be hard.

Don't stop.

Don't stop dancing. Don't stop singing. If it helps to pretend like you don't see them watching you, do that. But don't stop. If you have an extra bit of courage saved up, maybe even you could sing to the person in the other car.

Here's why. That other person in that other car - maybe they're having a hard day. Maybe they're worried about money. Maybe their back hurts. You know that they hate being in that traffic jam as much as you do, at the very least. And I'm telling you, seeing you dance and sing is one of the best things that's happened to them all day. It's making them smile. It's lifting them just a little bit. They're not laughing at you, I promise. They're not thinking less of you. They're happy to see someone happy, even a stranger. Joy is infectious. So keep bopping, and don't be afraid.



*what? I totally go the speed limit and no faster. Don't you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~