Outfit of the Day

Fer real, how do y'all do this every day?

I know you don't have better phones than me, because that orange, jack o'lantern-bedecked beauty up there is my very own brand new iPhone 4S. I do know you have better work bathrooms than I do. Mine is busted and dark. I also know the rest of you are much less spazzy than me and you know how to hold the phone and how to pose.

My first smartphone ever! I'm finally part of the cool clique. Siri is just as fun as everyone says she is. Mr. PW and I spent the weekend asking her questions like "What's the meaning of life? How cold is it in Moscow?" and telling her we loved her. She's got some pretty funny built-in responses to dumb questions. We also spent a lot of time Face-Timing each other from across the room.  Because we are dorks.

We've had an incredibly eventful week, not all of which I can discuss (NO NOT PREGNANT) but the highlights were our anniversary, a great dinner with friends, iPhones, and a foster kitten!. The house is a mess and I need sleep but dangit, our lives are fun right now.