Like a Breeze Among Flowers

Hello, folks.

I hope you all had lovely holidays, whatever and however you celebrate.

I'm not going to lie. it's been a long, sad month for us. Ten days before Christmas, Mr. PW's stepfather was killed in a workplace accident. The past few weeks have been a blur of making arrangements and shaking hands. If you recall, Mr. PW's father died in April. So we've buried two parents in eight months.

Christmas was understandably subdued. Cookies were baked, presents were exchanged. But no one's heart was really in it.

Mr. PW was in the midst of finals week when it happened. Again. So he's picking up those pieces. The house is a mess. We have no food in the fridge. I'm behind on bills. The stress of the past couple of weeks has thrown my Crohn's into a tailspin.

I will see you after the New Year. I am happy to see 2011 in my rear view mirror. It's been a long, sad, demoralizing 365 days. After the New Year we will try again, because that's what we do.

Because it has to get better sometime.