In January I....

.... got sad. Got angry. Went numb. Watched protests, wishing I was there. Still feel pretty numb.

... started a new budget plan with Mr. PW to get us out of debt and working towards a home loan and a new master suite.

... also discovered a crumbled ceiling tile in the basement, which led to that room being sealed off with garbage bags and tape until we can have the tile tested for asbestos.

... saw little girl through a terrible rotavirus that took us to the ER on a Saturday night for some Zofran.

... also got that virus, as did Mr. PW. That was equally not fun, though we did not require ER trips.

... also saw her through two new teeth and language leaps. No real words yet but she's close.

.... also saw her through a phase of screaming in terror whenever her father touched her. That was rough, mostly on her poor, rejected father. As of now, she's back to her usual loving self.  *shrug* Kids are weird.

.... got a raise at work. This is notable because it was a merit raise, and no one else is getting raises right now, not even for cost of living. I have made myself Worth It, and I'm pretty pleased about that.

... Managed to not make much progress on anything else. My New Year's Resolution is Take Up Space. I do no one any favors by making myself small, least of all me. It was eating me alive. I'm already feeling better, though in practice I'm inconsistent. Mostly I need more sleep.

Hi, folks. Have courage.