Insert New You here.

So, I know it's January, and everyone's setting resolutions and goals, and this post is when I'm supposed to set goals too and declare that I'm Starting! Fresh! and Making! Myself! Over! and Changing! My! Life!. I have done it before, even to some success. But this year, I just can't. I'm not going to set myself up for failure. I'm too tired. I'm too aware of how I measure up to "normal" people - right now my goals are to sleep through the night and not poop myself in public. Am I a Crohn's patient or a six week old baby? YOU DECIDE. Right now my mom is cringing that I'm talking about that on the internets. Sorry, Mom. I never could keep my mouth shut.

So this is the year of no resolutions. No goals. I'm going to keep my goals very close to realistic - "today I'm going to do two loads of laundry" kind of realistic.

There's some possibly rather large things happening this year, some that I have to be vague about, sorry. I know how obnoxious that is. But, we both turn 30 this year, Mr. PW may go on a cool trip in May, we both may go on a cool trip in August, we've got two wonderful weddings for two very dear couples (on the same weekend in June, eep!) and both brides have asked me to do their makeup (HALP HALP HALP).

Besides that, I just want to live, day to day, take good care of my family, and not screw up too badly. That's not unreasonable, is it?


Leaving you with one of my favorite moments from our subdued holidays: my lovely Papou, who's too old to have a cat of his own but still loves them dearly, having a moment visiting with our youngest, Charlie, who obliged us by sitting still and purring in his particularly loud and rattly way, and making Papou's day.