Yellow Diamonds in the light

Random thoughts from the week: - It's my year to catch up on old books that I ought to have read, but haven't. I finished Nickled and Dimed this weekend (holy krap, what a read) and I've started in on The Handmaid's Tale. Also on the docket this year are Ender's Game, My Antonia, Love in the Ruins, and Another Country. My brother in law and I have started a challenge to read 20 books each this year. I suspect he will beat me. I go days without having enough time to read. Are you on Goodreads? Let's be friends!

-Rhianna is a boring, boring singer. She's really bad, okay? She makes me yawn. But her songwriters are fabulous. I've been singing we found love in a hooooooopless plaaaaace for weeks now. And now you're singing it too.

- We have a youngest feline child who's decided that he's much more comfortable without his collar. We'll put it on him and release him to play and 15 minutes later he'll saunter up naked as a jaybird. It's funny, until it gets aggravating. Mr. PW and I say it's like putting a toddler to bed before your fancy cocktail party, only to find him, an hour later, cheerfully making friends in the midst of the crowd, sans pjs and diaper.

- We have two lovely friends coming to visit us this weekend, so I've been working to get the house in order so I'm not to embarrassed by it. I'm self-conscious because not only do they keep an immaculate house, but theirs is about four times bigger than ours. In my saner moments, I realize they're the last people in the world who care about such things, but it's a hard feeling to shake.

- in August we're going to Seattle to attend our best man's wedding. His fiancee is a Russian girl who only speaks okay English (he's Russian too, no mail-order bride shizz here). All I can think is how much I want her to be welcomed and how I'm the only one of the four of us that doesn't speak a lick of Russian! I'm going to be so left out of any conversations.

- I'm waiting for an exciting package from Amazon, and I can't wait to show you what it is. It's something I've been hoping for for a long time!

Do you have anything random you want to tell me about?