I have latex in my hair.

(That's what she said...?) Wake, office, paint, collapse. Repeat.

Oh I'm sorry, do you have things happening to you too? I'm too absorbed in my own life at the moment to notice. When I get home from work we rush over to the new house and paint as long as the light will allow. The movers come at 8 am on Saturday; by then we have to have the living room, master, and office fully painted and all the carpet in the living room and hallway pulled up.

.... Yeah, I'm not optimistic either. So far we have the ceilings in the living room/hallway and master painted. Nothing else. Tonight we're aiming for second ceiling coats and hopefully the first ceiling coat in the office. I might have to start pulling carpet too. Thoughts:

+ Through this whole process we've encountered salespeople and professionals that have been totally honest with us. Our appliance guy didn't try to upsell us, the paint guy turned down purchases we didn't need, and the plumber we had in to look at the basement drain today told us flat out we didn't need the work done and to call him if something else comes up. $150 saved! It's easy to chalk it up to living in the Midwest, but I know it's not exclusive. It's just made all of this stress a little easier to bear, knowing people out there aren't out to get me.

+ We have an account at Sherwin Williams so we got all of our paint for 30% off. Kinda proud of ourselves for that one. We probably saved a good $200.

+One-coat ceiling paint, my Aunt Fanny.

+ Who paints a ceiling lime green, anyway?

+ Seriously, all the rooms are Boxes of Color Emotion. Even the neutral surfaces are a weird biscuit color. And the living room walls are Snookie Flesh Tone.

+ If you are doing major repainting, get thee an edging tool. Once we got the hang of it, it has made everything go infinitely faster. Though I am debating taping the ceiling edges once we get to doing walls, just for insurance.

+ I am very annoyed because the bedding I wanted to buy was discontinued mere days before I made up my mind to buy it. And now NOTHING ELSE will do. Besides, do you know how hard it is to find pretty orange bedding? I have ordered a second best and we'll see.

+ I have a very hardworking husband. Not a complaint from him as we try to accomplish this task during the last week of classes of the semester.

+ You should see the current house. Cue the banjos: the resident bunny can now officially hide in the dandeliony, weedy, shin-high front yard. If nothing else happens, we have to get that yards mowed and the brush hauled before we hand the keys back. It's embarrassing. And the inside.... thank goodness movers don't judge. We are totally That House on the block right now.

+ Mr. PW and I agree: it's far more fun to buy stuff for inside the house than it is to buy the house itself. We'd budgeted for a new sofa, a new bed, a new mattress, a new washer and dryer, and some things like bedding and bookshelves, and we went on a little spree last weekend to get most of those. Why wait? I'm kind of stupidly excited about our new washer and dryer. We're going to go from using 60 gallons of water a load to 18. That's crazy! I'm also ridiculously hopeful about our mattress. We're switching from inner spring to natural latex in an attempt to maybe not wake up every morning needing painkillers just to function. I'm only thirty - I shouldn't feel this way. And Mr. PW's only twenty-nine, and doesn't have a chronic illness. He has even less reason. Crap Inner Spring Mattress now becomes our guest bed.

+ Which means now most of the money we have left goes to those little repairs.... like fixing the hot water heater that's plugged into an extension cord. And those cracked rafters. And the carpet in the bathroom.....

+ I'm hoping we have enough money left over to paint the front cedar siding and the front door. We have a gorgeous color scheme in mind that could make the whole house look completely different. I'll be sad if that doesn't come to fruition.