No I Won't Be Afraid, No I Won't Shed a Tear

I miss writing. Let's fix that.  

The past couple of weeks have been such a blur of activity. The new house is still such a mess because we've been doing other things:


[Hotel room mirror shot before we head to C & T's wedding.]

That was such a great day - they held their ceremony and reception at Devil's Lake State Park. The bride's mother is a Lutheran pastor so she did the ceremony and it was so emotional and funny and moving. I got mentioned in the ceremony because of a smartass comment I'd made at the bridal shower. The food was all provided by close friends and family, and the groomsmen grilled chicken on a huge borrowed grill. Mr. PW and myself made some bars (it's not a Wisconsin event without some bars), fruit salad, and potato salad.

[Industrial scale fruit salad. That's a huge stock pot that we filled twice.]

It was such a long day - we helped with setup and teardown too, and I did the bride's and mother of the bride's makeup  - but so wonderful. SO many things could have gone wrong, but nothing did!It was a gorgeous day outside, all the food was amazingly good, everyone had a good time, and the bride and groom felt loved. What more could you ask for?

The very next day we went to another wedding - kinda - back here in Madison. This couple decided they didn't want to get legally married, but since they're leaving Madison soon one of them can do a post-doc in Memphis, they wanted to throw a big party, so they did. They rented out a great bar and called in favors to  get an awesome band (The Hometown Sweethearts) and good food and basically just let people rock out. They potlucked their dessert bar as well - Mr. PW made a gluten-free almond cake since the bride's family had a few celiac-sensitive members. Their "vows" were really wonderful - they are in a band themselves, so instead of actual vows, they got up and made a speech thanking everyone there for supporting them and making them who they are. And then they played a few songs that meant special things to them, and at the end they conducted a singalong of the song they said was "the best expression of community" they knew - Stand By Me. It was so lovely to see everyone around the room singing along at the top of their lungs.

[Running late to get to the bride's house. I did her makeup too.]

[ The other happy couple.]

Both weddings really did illustrate two sides of the same coin - weddings aren't just OMG MY WEDDING MY DAY ME MINE. There's a lot of people in this world getting those two people to where they are, and a lot of people who love them enough to show up, contribute, and make the day as wonderful as they can. In narrow terms, a wedding's about creating a new community of two people, but in broad terms, it's about the merging of the larger communities that the two people bring with them. It's a pretty wonderful thing to be part of those communities, too.