Five for Friday

Five for Friday


December 20. We can make it, right? No one's gone crazy yet? 


1. Mr. PW and I exchanged gifts tonight. We have things going every evening this weekend and on Monday we start our Christmas travel, and it was just easier this way. I always freeze in terror when it's gift-giving time - this is well documented - so I tend to go practical and sensible. Mr. PW went straight for the heart this time. 

Reader, I will admit I cried.  Those are four gorgeous prints from Fracture - printed directly on glass. Two from our trip to Colorado, one of our engagement photos in the state Capitol*, and one from my initial hospitalization last summer. That last one's the one that made me cry. Nothing like a reminder that he'll always be there, no matter what, to get me wibbly.   

2. I've hit my wall on Christmas. Not the enjoying it part, or the watching people open presents part, or the Christmas music part, but the holy-shit-eighteen-more-errands-to-do-and-I'm-cold-and-tired-and-I-f***king-hate-malls part. Sweet baby Jeebus, guys, I hate malls. When I was a teenager I could totally do the double loop around the mall with my friends, talking the entire time. Now all I can see is herds of cows, pushy sales people, and germs. We did as much online shopping as possible this year, and I still kind of hate humanity in general. And that's not exactly the spirit of the season, is it. 

3. Make this: Martha's Rosemary Roasted Nuts. I hosted some ladies last week and they were as the proverbial crack. Really, anything sauteed in brown sugar and butter - how can you resist? 

4. I have something I want to share with you, but I can't until after it's given as a present next week. New skill unlocked, and I am extremely proud of myself. 

5. I hope this coming week isn't too stressful for you, readers. Be safe traveling, and be kind to your loved ones. Deep breaths and smiles. 

*Remind me to tell the story about how we broke that elevator.