Northern Spark

Mr. PW and I went to Minneapolis this weekend to celebrate a cousin graduating from high school and since it was our 8 year engageaversary we decided to make a nice weekend of it. We grabbed a room Saturday night in the Hotel Ivy, which was much swankier than we expected it to be. Mr. PW took me for dessert and drinks at a restaurant he used to sous chef at, and we went for brunch at Victor's 1959 Cafe in the morning, with visits to Kitchen Window and Magers & Quinn before we got on the road to home. 

Mr. PW. plotzes over a cortadito.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, but there was a serious discussion that evolved over the weekend. You may or may not be aware that the political climate's been a bit tense here in Madison; well, it really has been for years, but lately it's gotten pretty bad for us higher-education folks. So Mr. PW and I have been discussing contingency plans - where we would go if we were forced to leave. Neither of us want to go back to our hometowns, and we'd both want to continue working in higher ed; the U of M and Minneapolis would be a serious contender. I even found a bungalow on Zillow that'd be perfect. 

I mean COME ON.

But in the end we'd both be devastated if we had the leave Madison. We have such close friends here, a few who are of advancing age, that we'd grieve over; we're so settled into the town and our life here that it feels like the place we want to be forever. And starting over somewhere would be too hard.

So cross your fingers for us that cooler heads prevail and we don't have to Make It Work.