Quilt #2

I am a terrible gift giver. 

Mr. PW helpfully models. 

I love giving gifts, but the actual moment of giving it turns me into Awkward Penguin.   I hate being thanked.  The quilt above was a gift for friends who had their baby early Saturday morning.  It's the same pattern as Quilt #1, but a bit thicker batting turned it into a nice tummy time mat or car blanket.  Thing is, when they called last week from Seattle to enthuse over it, my tongue and brain turned to mush and I couldn't think of anything to say in response.  I didn't want to be praised for the work I'd done.  It was hardly even my best work, a bit rushed and shorted.  It simply brings me joy to think about their new baby girl using it, and that's all I want.  That's why I put the work in, that's why I spend the time.  I've been told this is ungracious.  I don't know what to do about it.  Is it a self esteem issue?  Maybe, I don't know.  I know I'll certainly keep making people gifts, keep giving them, and when I'm praised for my efforts, keep feeling like we're all missing the point .