Black Bart and Brady

I just got the most darling phone call! Yes, I work where I can categorize business calls as darling. Now darling doesn't look like a word. Darling darling darling darling darling.

ANYWAY. Sweet lady, perhaps retirement age, on the hunt for a source for barley straw for her two donkeys that will be arriving in May. She was so excited that she wanted to share everything with me - how she met them, what their names are, the nutritional needs of donkeys, some kind of foot illness they get when they have too much sugar, how smart and inquisitive they are - "people just underestimate them!" - how people use them for sheep guardians - I got to hear it all! But I'm not even mad, because she was obviously in love with her new babies and SO EXCITE. How can my day be bad after that?

You gotta admit, that's a pretty charming face.